Converting B. R. Newman to Br Newman–Thanks Ancestry!

It is bad enough when records only list people using their initials. In this entry from’s Iowa, Marriage records, 1880-1937,” the initials have been condensed into names:

  • B. R. Newman became Br Newman
  • T. D. Newman became Td Newman
  • E. J. Walter became Ej Walter

Just when you think there’s not another way things can be interpreted incorrectly. Some errors I understand. This one…no.



3 thoughts on “Converting B. R. Newman to Br Newman–Thanks Ancestry!

  1. This is one of the worst databases in the repertoire.

    Some of the names are completely wrong, although indexed correctly. Sometimes names of bride, groom and / or parents are on the wrong lines (say, 2 to 4 lines above or below where they should have been).

    Looking at the “original image” will not help the seeker who does not already know what the name **should** be. I imagine that at least some of the built-in mistakes, copied for the State, have made their ways into trees. Examples: Pyle entered in the record as Pizle. Thrall entered in the record as Thrace (both accurately indexed).

    • I can’t say it’s the worst (since I’ve not looked at them all 😉 ), but it certainly is up there. Also many using it (present company excluded) are not aware that the “originals” in this database are transcriptions made by the clerks to be sent to the state. That information is buried in the description and (if one is familiar with records of this type) it’s actually clear from the records themselves.

  2. I have been saying for several years that Ancestry can’t be trusted, nor do they care, when they make errors or an error found and reported – they don’t care!!!

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