Trautvetter Buys Chicago Drug Store in 1923

Add this to the list of things one can discover in the personals column:

evidence that someone purchased a drugstore


The 9 August 1923 issue of the Chicago Tribune contained a personal announcement that Wm. G. Trautvetter had purchased the drug store at 300 E. 79th Avenue in Chicago and would not be responsible for any dtrautvetter-buys-storeebts contracted by the business before to 3 August.

Whether Trautvetter purchased the building on the location is not known. It’s possible he only purchased the business and rented the property.

Time probably won’t allow me to follow up on those details of Trautvetter’s ownership, but this advertisement does help provide additional framework for Trautvetter’s drugstore operations in Chicago during the early twentieth century.

Not what I was expecting to find in the personals column. But it goes to show that one never knows what may end up in the classified advertisements of a newspaper.


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