Digital Images on FamilySearch–There May Be Restrictions

I was hurriedly looking at records the last day I was at the Family History Library in Salt Lake. I assumed that whenever I searched the card catalog and found a “camera” as the showing format icon for a microfilm that I could look at it when I got home. I knew some books had restrictions, but it did not dawn on me that local records that had been microfilmed for some time had any such issues.

So when I saw a reference to a land entry book for Amherst County, Virginia, was in digital format, I decided to wait to look at it until I was home. I wanted to spend my time in the library looking at actual film I could not access elsewhere.


Imagine my surprise when I went to view the images from outside the Family History Library. The records I was interested in were only available for members of “supporting organizations” or when at an actual family history center. Just something to keep in mind for those who are not members of supporting organizations or whose access to a family history center is limited.


One thought on “Digital Images on FamilySearch–There May Be Restrictions

  1. I’ve run into this before. What exactly is a member of a ‘supporting organization’? Does that mean LDS only? Or are the other organizations one might join in order to be able to view these records?

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