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To facilitate my own use of my results on AncestryDNA, I posted my tree which I had not done before. This was done to allow me to more effectively utilize my results. My personal opinion is that on AncestryDNA displays results and connections in such a way that using the online tree is more effective, especially if one is using the results for more than “ethnic percentage entertainment” purposes. Others may choose not to post their tree–that’s entirely up to each user.

AncestryDNA allows users to see “shared hints” from the trees of other submitters who share DNA matches (AncestryDNA users are not required to submit a tree). does display potential tree matches (not just hints) for those DNA submitters with whom I shared DNA.

I just wish when it showed the “hint,” it showed both parents and not just the “hint. ” The hint is usually just the father and I potentially share DNA with the mother as well. It’s worth remembering that the “shared hints” are only being pulled from records and trees in‘s databases.

And we need to remember that the DNA does not just come from the father’s side. We’ll discuss that concept further in an upcoming post.


5 thoughts on “Shared Hints on AncestryDNA

  1. B. Djordjevic says:

    I have my tree online on Ancestry and have found close cousins. It is frustrating to have matches with trees that are not shared.

  2. Karen Kelley says:

    My tree on ancestry is public. I’ve found on the shared ancestor hints that when only one person is listed, it is often because the match’s tree lists the wife with a different name, i.e. wrong last name, not maiden name, etc.

  3. It only shows the father because the info on the mother’s might not be matching perfectly. Or the ancestor had more than one wife.

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