Ancestral Clues and Lessons: Augusta Newman

Augusta Newman was born in Maryland in the late 1790s and died in White County, Indiana, in 1861. Some things I’ve learned about research from Augusta:

  • the importance of “heirship” deeds. Augusta’s estate settlement in White County, Indiana, does not mention real property at all. There was a series of deeds wherein his widow and all his children (spread across three states) sell their interest in his farm to a neighbor.
  • always look for military service. I had researched Augusta for nearly twenty years before I decided to see if he received a military land warrant for military service. It turned out he served the War of 1812.
  • sometimes men’s names may “look female.” I have had numerous researchers and relatives tell me that Augusta’s name was really August. He’s listed as Augusta on virtually every record on which he appears–from his marriage, land records, military records, bounty land warrant application, probate, etc.
  • everyone may leave after you die. After Augusta’s death in 1861, his widow and few remaining children left White County, Indiana. Despite having lived in Indiana for thirty years, none of his children remained in the state and his widow Melinda is buried in Iowa in a cemetery with several of their children.

Augusta Newman is my fourth great-grandfather. You can view my ancestor list on my website.


One thought on “Ancestral Clues and Lessons: Augusta Newman

  1. Just wanted to say I really appreciate this aspect of your blog; ‘some things I’ve learned from …’ I very much like the idea that those I’m researching are teaching me something (as opposed to hiding from me ;0}

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