Trautvetter-Derle Research in Germany On Hold

The researcher who located records on my Trautvetter and Derle families in Wohlmutshausen and Helmerhausen in Thuringia for me has taken a full time job elsewhere and is no longer able to perform the work.

Fortunately she recommended another researcher and I’m in the process of reaching out and deciding where the research should go moving forward.

This is a good time for me to review what my goals were with the research. Even when one is reasonably familiar with the records in an area where a professional researcher is being hired, it’s good to concentrate on the specific goals and not just think about the records being obtained. Local researchers familiar with the records may be aware of other sources or materials that the client is not. While it is important for the client to understand the records being used and have an idea of what they want to have researched, the goals matter.

The goals direct the research.

And they help keep the client focused and make it easier to stay on task and on budget.

So I’ll be reviewing what I want to accomplish with the research.

And as we will see in future posts, the Trautvetters were not German peasants who stayed put in the same village for centuries.


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