US Land Records Class-May 2018

We are excited to again offer our 5-week session on United States land records in May 2018. Land records can shed a fair amount of light on your genealogical research–as long as they are understood and thoroughly researched.  Learn more about these records, how to research them, and how to analyze and interpret them.

Michael has researched his own family extensively in land records for over thirty years, both in federal and state land states.


  • Week 1–discussion of different types of deeds, terms and definitions, record keeping practices and procedures, types of land ownership, and women’s property ownership changes over time.
  • Week 2–discussion of metes and bounds legal descriptions, property descriptions in metes and bounds states, pre-Federal land records, and general research strategies in those states.
  • Week 3–discussion of legal descriptions in federal land states, property descriptions in federal land states, and an overview of federal land records (bounty lands, cash land sales, homestead claims, etc.).
  • Week 4–online demonstration of actual land record searches using indexes and records selected from online materials at FamilySearch.
  • Week 5–online demonstration of search techniques and approaches to the federal land patents hosted at the Bureau of Land Management website.

Registration and more details are on our announcement page.


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