Can You Read That Last Name in 1870?

This partial census entry comes from the 1870 census for Adams County, Illinois–Northeast Township.

This family was originally located through manual census searching. The last name was a rendition that was new to me. The first names are actually pretty spot on. That is ironic considering how the last name was rendered.

Any ideas on the last name of the head of household? Regular readers of my blog will probably recognize the last name, but try to pretend you’ve never read anything about these people anywhere else.

Spellings like this are a good reminder that:

  • sometimes you have to perform manual searches
  • searches based on first names can be successful–if the names are not too common and the residence is reasonably known



4 thoughts on “Can You Read That Last Name in 1870?

  1. It looks like Hapern or Hapem. I would then go to Ancestry and look up names listed with both of these last names. Also check every record possible using the 2 last names. Check the census for anymore people with the same last name

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