I’ve written about the American Revolutionary War pensions on Fold3.com before. I’ve made several finds in this series of records and not just for veterans. The pensions have a full name index on Fold3. For whom should you search:

  • Anyone who was of an age to have served.
  • Anyone who was of an age to have married a veteran.
  • Anyone who might have had knowledge of a widow’s marriage to a veteran.
  • Anyone who might have testified in a veteran’s or widow’s application.

That includes a great deal of ground. But I’ve seen neighbors, associates, and children of veterans mentioned in this applications–particularly when the widow was filing a claim.

Of course, keep in mind that the American Revolution was from 1775-1783 and search for people in American Revolutionary War pensions on Fold3.com accordingly. Children who might be named could easily have been born after that time.




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