Henry Goldenstein: A 1921 Kansas City Death–Part VII

There’s a search lesson in this newspaper article that has absolutely nothing to do with Goldenstein’s 1921 death in a hotel in Kansas City. While his first name is mentioned in the article, the text is apparently so faint that searches for “Henry Goldenstein” did not locate this item from 17 July 1921. This item was located by conducting searches without using the first name of Henry.

And there’s details in the article that were not mentioned in other newspaper accounts of the incident.

Goldenstein had returned home for a visit to Golden, Illinois, a few weeks before his death. This account indicated that while in Golden, Goldenstein was drinking with friends and mentioned that he had a “girl” in Kansas City. The girl is unnamed and it’s not indicated how long Goldenstein had known her. Apparently Goldenstein had a girlfriend when he lived in Quincy, Illinois, before his move to Kansas City. This girlfriend married another man in Quincy and the couple subsequently moved to Kansas City.  The newspaper article indicated how it went over with the husband when Goldenstein attempted to strike up a relationship with the woman in Kansas City.

The newspaper declined to name the woman in the story. Stay tuned.


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