One of the ways to “quickly” try and find the “easiest” of your DNA matches to potentially determine how a DNA kit matches a kit you have tested is to use the “GedCOM + DNA Matches” search functionality at There are no guarantees you’ll solve any problems this way and some trees created from the attached GedCOM files may not go back far enough for you to get a good idea of how you and the person connect.

But it can be a start and it may help you “paint” a few more sections of your DNA that you were not able to paint before. Analyzing your DNA is an ongoing process. The answers won’t come easily or quickly–despite how easy some want to make it appear.

I used it to quickly sort out some matches on a DNA test I did for my children’s great-uncle. I was only able to use the trees to determine the relationship for six people. Not a lot, but it did help me to begin the “sifting process” on his matches. This allowed me to lump about half of his closest thirty matches into “probably related via a certain family.” It’s a start.

Just another tool in your analytical toolbox.

This is one of the free aspects of GedMatch to use. GedMatch does not do any actual testing. You must upload your results from one of the other sites in order to use it.

Join me for “Problem-Solving with DNAPainter and GedMatch” or check out my earlier DNA webinars.




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