I only know who one of the people in this photo is.

The young lady on the far right is Tena/Trientje Janssen Ufkes (1895-1986).

Tena was born in Bear Creek Township in February of 1895 and died in Carthage, Hancock County, Illinois, in 1986.

I do not know who the others are in the picture. This photograph was one that my grandparents had. Tena’s son John H. Ufkes (1917-2003), was my grandfather.

Any suggestions as to who the others are would be greatly appreciated.




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  1. I think the older woman seems to me to resemble Tena, so is most likely related to Tena. I think I agree with Micky this just maybe Tena’s parents and siblings. Additionally, the man has his arms around both women which seems to symbolize a close family relationship.

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