We all have them. Now I have one more. This picture is of my mother, Connie (Ufkes) Neill, and her paternal aunt, Ruth Ufkes. I’m not certain where it was taken, but I’m speculating based upon the age of my mother and the presence of my aunt in the photograph that it was in Carthage, Illinois.

I was not aware of the photograph until a week ago. Unfortunately the two identified people in the photograph are deceased. I’m working on identifying the other girl in the photograph. To keep track of what I’m doing, I have created a Word document where I have been writing my thoughts on why I think the photograph was taken where it was (and even where in Carthage it may have been taken). That document is serving as my research log for the photograph and will allow me to know what I have done in an attempt to identify the youngest child in the picture. The photograph may have been taken while my aunt was a student at Carthage College (when it was still located in Carthage, Illinois) or at a family reunion.

I know it’s not any of my mother’s first cousins. My reasons for that are included in my research log. I’ve reached out to three of my mother’s Ufkes cousins in an attempt to identify the photograph. Our communication (summarized) has been included in my research log as well.

My research log for the picture is kept in the same media folder as the photograph and is named with the same file name as the photograph (just the file extension is different). That way they are right in the same place and alphabetical sorts of the file will show the two files adjacently.

I may not be able to identify the girl in the picture, but at least I will know what I have done in my attempt to determine who she is.

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