ThruLines Puts Errors in the Middle of My Tree

Words elude me. While ThruLines had some issues we’ve discussed before at least it wasn’t somehow displaying information from my tree incorrectly or altering it based on other trees. This screenshot of part of my ThruLines for my third great-grandfather shows a display that apparently has taken information from my tree and not just added new names, but modified what is in my own tree.

I’ve removed living people from the ThruLines image, including myself. The information in the white boxes in the image is from my tree. The gray boxes are from the apparent data abyss.

It shows my descent from my mother, grandfather, and great-grandfather correctly. Beyond that all digital hell breaks loose in such a way that I don’t know how to begin describing the errors. Note: this is not a family where I am doubly related to the individuals shown.

  • Noentje Grass’ entry has been split into three entries–two of which are shown as private in this tree. She’s my 2nd great-grandmother. My lineage from her in the chart indicates she is my aunt.
  • The three men, George J. Frederich Janssen, and Johann J. Ufkes are all brothers–sons of the same man and woman (Noentje Lena Grass).
  • The lineage boxes that has my correct relationship listed to those two ancestors actually goes through my great-uncle (shown) through one of his children (not shown).

Extending information to my tree is one thing. This is something else.



2 thoughts on “ThruLines Puts Errors in the Middle of My Tree

  1. Ancestry has so many bad ideas it’s hard to keep track of them. This is the newest. If we thought trees were terrible before, just wait a year. You won’t recognize your own parents.

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