I’ll be taking two group research trips in 2019. Our events are laid-back, not formal, with […]
It sounded like a good idea. It may be a good idea. It just didn’t work […]
A minor typographical error can significantly change the intent of a piece of writing. A transcription […]
One of the ways to “quickly” try and find the “easiest” of your DNA matches to […]
It really isn’t. And by “errors,” I’m talking about statements that are clearly incorrect–biological events that […]
DNA matches without pedigree information are more difficult to analyze. One of the features of GedMatch […]
My webinar on “Problem-Solving with DNAPainter and GedMatch” has been moved to 10 December 2018. We’ll […]
DNA matches do not always respond to email messages. It’s the nature of the genealogy DNA […]
Of course they aren’t. The eggs are in the refrigerator (unless a really fresh one from […]
From the MyHeritage Blog 1 December 2018: We have just extended our deadline for free DNA […]
The discussion of the origin of the marriage record for Valentine C. Hess in Hamilton County, […]
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