The ability to merge sources (particularly census) into a tree at is really a nice […]
ThruLines at AncestryDNA is meant to be a tool to help analyze matches that have at […]’s ThruLines is a means to facilitate working with DNA matches that have trees attached to […]
We’ve released the recording and handout for my “Images on FamilySearch” webinar. More details have been posted […]
DNA matches that have no trees or whose submitters fail to respond can be a challenge […]
Due to a scheduling issue, we’ve moved the FamilySearch webinar to 28 Sept. at 7:30 pm. […]
There is more information on the completion of the FamilySearch digitization of microfilm project on their […]
Getting the Most from FamilySearch 7:30 pm. central 28 Sept 2021 (note date/time change). Attend live […]
AncestryDNA recently released a significant update in matches to individual tests. It was time for me […]
Don’t concern yourself with the ethnicity results unless a significant portion of your ethnic heritage is […]
To celebrate our move to our new email server, we’re offering copies of Genealogy Tip of […]
We’ve moved our email distribution of these posts to a new host as Google feeds […]
Curiosity killed the cat, as they say. Genealogical curiosity can kill your budget and bank account. […]
My 1950 census webinar has been released for purchase and immediate download. Discounted introductory price until […]
I’ve taken an ancestral incident in Kentucky in the early 19th century and turned it into […]
We’ve still got room in our prepping for the 1950 census release webinar. Ordered recordings will […]
Broad searches are fine as long as they work in a way that the researcher expects. […]
I wrote about these checks from my Grandpa Neill in Genealogy Tip of the Day but […]
I’ve been using a death register from Adams County, Illinois, in the 1870 and 1880 time […]
I’ve known about Theodore Trautvetter’s disappearance from Warsaw, Illinois, in the early 1890s. I also know […]
We are offering another session of our 5 part series on US land records that runs […]
One of the reasons for having my father-in-law do a DNA test at AncestryDNA was to […]
Downloading images from websites for personal research use is always advised. Then the researcher has the […]
The picture based on my Mom’s memories got me thinking about genealogical research and how we […]
The red rocker in the picture is nearly eighty years of age and is in amazingly […]
AncestryDNA‘s ethnicity estimates now include East Frisia–more affectionately known as Ostfriesland. I’m glad to see they’ve […]
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