john ehmen 1838-1864

Old Enough to Serve, But He Enlisted

Sometimes looking for one thing leads to realizations that have never been made. Some background: Tonjes Ehmen  and Schwantje Ehmen were the parents of John, Willm, and Jurgen Ehmen and Antje (Ehmen) Sievers. Tonjes’ children were all living in Adams County, Illinois, during the Civil War era. Their exact dates of immigration are not currently […]


John Ehmen’s Military Stone: Part II

A contemporary record can be worth countless others that are not. John Ehmen’s application for a military headstone indicated that he died in Galesburg, Illinois. The application for a headstone is not the only item that indicates John died in Galesburg. There are several family histories and numerous online trees that contain that place of […]


An Application for a Civil War Headstone Raises Questions

Sometimes one record simply begs more questions. That’s the case with the application for a military service headstone for John Ehmen who served in an Illinois unit in the Civil War. There is a lot of information on this application for headstone for John Ehmen: Enlistment date: 12 August 1862 Discharge date: 12 November 1864 Birth […]