Month: November 2018

DNA Matches That Don’t Match My Ancestor’s Brother’s Family Don’t Have to Be Related to his Wife

I’ve been working on DNA matches at AncestryDNA in an attempt to make discoveries and validate connections on the family of my Irish immigrant ancestors, Samuel and Anne (Murphy) Neill. The natives of Ireland are believed to have been from different parts of Ireland who married in New Brunswick, Canada, in 1864. Samuel had one brother, […]


My DNA Is In the Boot

I can’t decide if I like the ads for AncestryDNA with Kelly Ripa or not. My DNA results don’t pinpoint my origins with the precision that Ripa’s apparently did–that’s not a big surprise. That doesn’t really bother me either–advertising is what it is and there are ways to avoid Facebook and television advertisements. I didn’t take […]


Deriving Information from a Certified Copy of a Certificate

It’s a derivative copy of a derivative copy of Gardner Ramsey’s death certificate. Classification of sources as being either original or derivative sometimes seems like a pedantic activity that takes time away from more immediately gratifying activities. It may be correct to not even refer to “classification of sources” as being gratifying in any sense. […]