Lady Golfers Share Hats in 1959

Press photos are not things I normally find on relatively close relatives. I’m not one to acquire materials on third cousins of third cousins of the second wife of a third cousin, so finds like this are unusual.

I’ve written about Hancock County, Illinois, native Gloria Fecht (1926-1980) before. Fecht was in the “ice follies” in the 1940s and played professional woman’s golf in the 1950s and 1960s. She never married and died in Southern California where she is buried.

The Ebay item I’ve purchased is an actual copy of a publicity photograph invlving Fecht taken in 1959. Just because I will have possession of the photograph does not mean that I can publish it on my blog or where ever I want. There are the rights of the original publisher to be concerned with, how the original was published, etc. to be considered.

When the photograph arrives, we’ll have an update on it’s arrival and how I can (and cannot) use it.

Gloria Fecht’s father and my grandmother’s father were first and second cousins. Grandma always insisted she had a cousin who was in the ice follies. I always thought she was making it up. Turns out she was right.


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