Thomas Chaney’s Bedford County Pennsylvania Land-Part I

This is the first in a series of posts on the land of Thomas Chaney of Southampton Township, Bedford County, Pennsylvania. Thomas obtained at least two parcels of land from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, including this one in 1850. The images of these surveys are on the land records portion of the website of the The Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission.

The survey was one part of the land acquisition process when property was transferred from the Commonwealth into private ownership. The survey indicated that Thomas Chaney owned property that was adjacent to the property surveyed for him in 1850. The lines are indicated with the metes and bounds description–with two lines on the right side of the image indicating partial borders for the adjacent property also owned by Chaney. Based on the lines, it appeared that Thomas’ property that was to the right of the property being surveyed was composed of at least two parcels.

We’ll continue our discussion Thomas’ land in future posts.



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