Those “Precise” Ethnicities at AncestryDNA

AncestryDNA recently revised their ethnicity estimates. Keep in mind that these estimates are estimates. The estimates displayed on the main DNA results page at AncestryDNA are actually specific values within a range of values. Keep in mind that the ranges of values are still estimates.

The AncestryDNA estimate of my ancestry from Great Britain ranges from a low of 24% to a high of 91%.

My Western European ancestry is estimated to be 15%, but the range of possibilities is from 0% to 40%.

My Scandinavian estimate is 12%, but AncestryDNA indicates a range of between 0 and 27%.

These estimates are just that: estimates.

They are based upon several things, including how AncestryDNA describes the geographic regions. For example, Great Britian includes part of the European continent.

Personally these results are entertainment. Mine indicate that my background is virtually 100% European. That’s consistent with what I know of my immigrants. I’m not really concerned about the country breakdowns.

If it had said I was 25% Russian or 33% African, that would have been a different story.


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