How Often Do You Compile?

Moving blog posts over to our new server has caused me to take a second look at some material I’ve posted over the past few years. Part of this blog is “writing as I go.” That’s largely because I feel that writing is crucial to the evidence analysis process. But that evidence analysis doesn’t focus solely on one piece of evidence at a time. One record or piece of information really isn’t evidence at all. Evidence is a body of information obtained from multiple sources.

There are several relatives about whom I’ve written “as I’ve found it.” An additional reason for blogging is to share what I’ve found with others who may be researching the same family or relatives as I am. This is done because I am fully aware that I may never get around to compiling materials on all my ancestors and at least by sharing someone else may be able to utilize those materials.

When was the last time you compiled?

I’ve realized in reviewing materials that I need to spend some time reviewing what I have on New York State native Benjamin Butler (born about 1819) and his probable father-in-law, Rufus D. Stephens. Both men lived in St. Clair County, Michigan, in 1850. There could be a clue or two there that I’m simply overlooking.


2 thoughts on “How Often Do You Compile?

  1. Kathleen King Wilkinson says:

    The explanation of using the blog to share info with others doing research on the same family makes good sense, especially if you can’t get around to compiling everything. In fact, this explanation, makes me realize that a blog may be just what I need to do.

    • The shortness of blogging makes it easier for some to keep up with it. And, like you mentioned, it’s good for sharing those things a person never gets around to actually compiling.

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