james rampley (1803)

Ancestral Clues and Lessons: James Rampley (1803-1884)

James Rampley was born in 1803 in Harford County, Maryland, and died in 1884 in Hancock County, Illinois. He married Elizabeth Chaney in Coshocton County, Ohio, in 1830. Some clues and lessons I learned from researching James: Who did you buy that first farm from? James’ first land purchase in Illinois was from a James […]


A Twenty Year Old Buys a Flower Pot in 1823

Literal interpretations can create confusion. At the sale of his father in 1823 in Tuscarawas Township, Coshocton County, Ohio, James Rampley purchased a “flower tub.” Literally it’s called a “flower tub” and James purchased it for $.25. We won’t even compare that to a modern value as that’s really difficult to do for something purchased […]

Two Marriage Entries for James and Elizabeth in 1830–Here Is Why

[original post regarding these two entries] There are two entries for the marriage of James Rampley and Elizabeth Chaney in the database of Ohio county marriages on FamilySearch. There is a reason and there’s also a reason why one record may be the preferred record over the other. There’s also a reason why it’s good to have […]

Two Marriage Entries for James Rampley in 1830-Why?: Part I

A search of the “Ohio, County Marriages, 1789-2013” for James Rampley results in two matches. The entries contain the same information as shown in the image accompanying this post. But why are there two entries for James and Elizabeth in the database? The answer, as we will see in an upcoming post, is not all […]

A 1942 Mortgage that Wasn’t

We’ve mentioned affidavits from land records before, but this one from 1942 is a real gem. James Edward Rampley documents three generations of ownership of the farm he owned, going back to his grandfather, James Rampley. Death dates are included along with relationships and additional family information. I’m not certain why this is recorded with […]