The pictures are not that unique or special. In fact, digital images of them were made to ask readers in another forum whether preserving every photograph in your possession was worth it. The first image (with only one block of typed text) was the one I used in my initial post. Looking at it later, I realized that where I had put the text was misleading.

Original image with text suggesting bottom picture is their home.

My text, added in the spirit of including provenance in images I post, suggested that one the homes across the street could have been my grandparents’ home. At the very least the text was not as clear as it could have been. In making the images, I knew which image was their home. I was in it numerous times. But someone else won’t have that knowledge.

Always make certain that your labelling of images is clear–particularly if you are including multiple photographs in one digital image. The addition of text is to capture provenance and to identify the images as clearly as possible. What is in your head does not count for anything if it does not get put on the image.

Always review your image commentary to make certain it accurately reflects what you intend for it to.



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