One of My Unidentified Pictures


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I have them as well as anyone else: unidentified pictures.

I could just kick myself. My Grandmother Dorothy (Habben) Ufkes gave me this picture years ago. It’s her writing on the bottom of it. On the back she has identified her brother, herself, and two of her first cousins. Based upon other pictures, I’m pretty certain I’ve identified my Grandmother’s mother (Tjode [Goldenstein] Habben) and her grandmother (Anna [Dirks] Goldenstein. The two older guys sitting down are probably Bernard and Henry Dirks–brothers of Anna (Dirks) Goldenstein. However, which one is which I’m not remotely certain.

And that’s it.

The reunion was of the descendants of Bernard and Heikpe (Mueller) Dirks who married in Quincy, Adams County, Illinois, in 1856 and later settled near Coatsburg, Adams County, Illinois. They were both deceased by the time this picture was taken.

What pictures do you have that are not identified?




4 thoughts on “One of My Unidentified Pictures

  1. Connie Moretti says:

    Hi Michael –

    We had a photo like that in our family, made photocopies, numbered each person in half the copies and sent the pairs to everyone that was remotely related. We ended up identifying most of the people.

    Connie Moretti

  2. Rhoda MacKenzie says:

    I have many unidentified photos that no one in the family seems to be able to identify. Is there a way for me to post them to your website incase someone might be able to recognize the photo’s?

    • We don’t normally post those here. But….let me see if I can work on a blog post with suggestions of where to post pictures of this type.

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