DNA Test Arrived and Terms & Conditions

The DNA submission kit has arrived. 

Before I send back the sample, it would be a good idea for me to review the terms and conditions I agreed to before I ordered the test. I need to read through those terms and conditions again and determine if I am comfortable with them. I suggest everyone read them more than once. has two sets of terms and conditions–one for the DNA part of their site and one for the genealogy data part of their site:

You must agree to the DNA terms and conditions before receiving the DNA kit. Although one can always change one’s mind after the kit has been received and simply not submit it–if that is your preference.


One thought on “ DNA Test Arrived and Terms & Conditions

  1. would be nice if you could actually understand their rules. There is so much garbage/repeated info that it would take a lawyer to know what you are actually agreeing to.
    I take offense to the fact that you can submit info. and then in order to actually see pertinent info., you MUST subscribe (at an outrageous price) to Ancestry for info that YOU provided.

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