Ancestral Clues and Lessons: Mary (Dingman) Sargent Landon

Mary (Dingman) Sargent Landon was born in Canada (probably Ontario) in the 1810s and died in the early 1850s probably in Iowa. She married Clark Sargent in Ontario, Canada, and later married Asa Landon in Winnebago County, Illinois. Some things I have learned from Mary’s life:

  • don’t move away from all your family. It makes it extremely difficult if you die with young children. It also makes it more difficult for your descendants to track you.
  • step-fathers make it easy for children to hide. When a researcher is unaware that an known ancestor’s unknown mother married after the father died it makes it difficult to trace that family.

My ancestor table can be viewed on my site. Benjamin is my 3rd great-grandfather.


3 thoughts on “Ancestral Clues and Lessons: Mary (Dingman) Sargent Landon

  1. Stepfathers in censuses do make it tricky! Often I find the stepchildren listed with the stepfather’s name and later by their “own” name. And when a mother died and children were split up…..! Sometimes the children end up spending the rest of their lives with the family that took them in and take their name, too. I also find your tips very helpful!

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