Google That DNA Username

Individuals who set up internet accounts often use the same username on multiple sites.

If a DNA test submitter has no tree and does not respond to messages and you can’t figure out who they are, try a Google search on their username. That’s helped find quite a few people who had profiles or accounts on other sites–Facebook, MySpace, etc. Sometimes those profiles or information on those websites is enough to determine who the person is or provides another way to contact the person.


2 thoughts on “Google That DNA Username

  1. Very interesting. I googled a user name/email I use frequently for many services and the web site “Been Verified” had a lot of info. on me and some not right, but it had addresses and phone number, so you might want to try that one out. I showed up on some genealogy web sites also, so that would show who they were researching.

  2. I have used that same technique to try to find some of my matches that do not respond to messages and it has been successful at least 75% of the time. I don’t always find all the info I want but it gives me a start. I also google their email. This evening I googled the email of a match and found her name and info listed on an adoption registry site!
    This is very interesting because I’m trying to find the name of my mother’s birth father as she was also adopted. I was hoping this person’s info would be helpful to me since she was such a close match. I may try to get in touch with her again just to see if she has found anything. I did not realize that there were so many people looking for birth parents and siblings.

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