A Few More ThruLines Frustrations

Experimenting with ThruLines(tm) again, I realized a few additional things that are frustrating and was reminded of a few things that are worth mentioning again:

  • My 4th great aunt is shown here as “private.” I understand that she may be private in some trees, but is she private in every tree? I tend to doubt it. It is also frustrating that I can’t even see what tree the “private” entry is coming from–so I can’t even attempt to contact that tree’s compiler.
  • The descendant of my private aunt (5th cousin to me) and I share 7 cM of DNA. That doesn’t “prove” the sisters were sisters, although it is consistent with that relationship. The two Chaney women could have been first cousins, aunt/niece, or other relatively close relationships.
  • The shared DNA does not prove the mother of the Chaney sisters either. In fact I’ve seen no reliable information documenting that relationship. The father of the sisters is well-documented–the mother is not.



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