Just Letting the Government Know about that “Pension:” Part II

The Pension Department in 1914 appreciated neighbors who took the initiative to inform them that pension fraud was possibly taking place.

Charles Stewart received a response to his letter of December of 1914 which indicated that he had evidence that Sarah Graves was not qualified to receive a widow’s Civil War pension based upon the service of Thomas M. Graves (Company B, 42nd Missouri Infantry). Thomas did receive a pension up until his death, but the letter, stamped with the signature of G. M. Saltzgaber, indicated that no widow had filed a claim after Graves’ death.

The response from the Pension Department requested that Stewart provide the department with information why “Sarah E. Graves was never the legal wife of the soldier and give the names and post-office addresses of each person by whose testimony such fact can be established.” This would allow the department to take “intelligent action in connection” with any claim that Sarah E. Graves should make.

Stewart was happy to provide that information in his response.

Stay tuned.


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