Another Issue With Those Ohio Tax Lists on FamilySearch

The 1826 and 1836 entries for James Rampley in “Ohio Tax Records, 1800-1850″ at FamilySearch have been tagged with the incorrect township. In both cases, James’ name appears on the left hand page of the actual tax record book. That page has entries for Jackson Township. The right hand page has entries for another township. In 1826 the right hand page starts with Tuscarawas Township. In 1836 the right hand page starts with Pike Township. The transcriber simply used the township that was on the right hand side–apparently.

How many times this happens I can’t say as this experience is anecdotal. It can’t be just be on pages that involve my ancestor.

Always read the actual record.


One thought on “Another Issue With Those Ohio Tax Lists on FamilySearch

  1. MY guy didn’t get an image. I seem to get Murphy’s Law more than I think I should. The people on both sides of the list have images. It’s always the newspaper issue that is missing, the record keeping year of birth, marriage, death that wasn’t required, the census is missing, or any reason you can think of that MY person didn’t make it into the record books. Even the Mayflower book stops just before my great grandmother would have been included in it and from what I was told there are no plans to make the next one.

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