Sometimes one has to shift one’s point of view.

You can tell people that everything’s “not online.” You can type it in uppercase letters to visually shout. But, for some, until you show them something interesting that was “not online,” or you tell them that you solved a problem with sources that were only in their original paper format, they won’t get the importance of utilizing those sources.

It’s not really about whether sources are “online” or “not online.”

What it is about is being aware of all the records that were created at all jurisdictional levels that might have mentioned your ancestor. That’s the “prime directive.” Then one needs to determine how to get at those records. Accessing records has always been a concern. One can easily use their computer and the internet to facilitate learning about and accessing those records.

Good genealogy methodology indicates that we access all records that could directly or indirectly answer our problem. Access may be a problem–but an awareness of all those records is what is key.

It really is that simple.




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