Month: February 2016

Organizing Genealogical Information Class-March 2016 Session

By popular demand, we’re bringing this course back…. Organizing Genealogical Information: A Short Course With Michael John Neill (scroll down for specific schedule) Organizing information is an important part of genealogical research—perhaps more important than the actual research. This short course (only 3 sessions) is intended to provide the students with exposure to a variety of ways to organize information […]


Pick a Name, Any Name

Like everyone else, I have ancestors who used more than one name. Sometimes it can be difficult to determine what name to use when referring to that person. My great-grandfather Ufkes was born Frederich Janssen Ufkes. It’s clear from census, church, and school records that until around the time of his marriage he was referred […]

Incorrect Location Tags in’s ELCA Database?

While this post is about the ELCA records database on, the issues discussed here could easily exist with other databases. It is always advised when search results do not make sense to search the database for someone you have already found in the database using different search parameters than the ones that brought you to […]

Some Simple Things

[reprinted from old blog site on 20 May 2015–with some additions] I use the online trees for the occasional clue. However in reviewing many of these trees while searching for research leads this week, I was reminded that apparently not everyone is aware of the following: People do not marry after they die. People do […]

Let Others Know About Rootdig

We appreciate those who let others know about Rootdig. Word of mouth marketing is easy on our budget and helps to spread the word. If you know other genealogists who might benefit from reading out posts, send them to: where they can subscribe to get the tips in their email Thanks!

Checking the Date of a 1916 Marriage Leads to a Mild Discovery

On 7 March 2016 my great-grandparents would have been married 100 years. That’s not how has transcribed their marriage date from the records of Immanuel Lutheran Church near Basco in Hancock County, Illinois. The database indicated their marriage date was 7 May 1916. That’s not the correct date and that’s not the date given in […]

Dealing with the Strain

Note: I don’t quite have my views on this “ironed out” yet, but thought it was a worthwhile topic to discuss here. I realize others may have different points of view. Please note that I’m not suggesting hiding things that have happened. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.  We’ve had a lengthy discussion about “family […]