Month: September 2016

Have You Looked At Federal Land Records?

Whether or not a record set is useful depends upon your ancestors. It also depends upon the researcher accessing those records. Federal land records are a wonderful set of records that are occasionally overlooked by researchers. Recently I realized that several of my ancestors were mentioned in federal land records. Some just started the process […]

Newsletter Clarification

In response to some questions, we’re posting this update about my newslettesr. There are two fee-based newsletters: Casefile Clues—This is my how-to newsletter discussing and analyzing sources, research process, problem-solving, etc. I’ve published over 156 issues of this newsletter which is sent as a PDF file to subscribers. A complete list of back issues is […]

Casefile Clues Rate to go up on 23 September-save now

Our subscription rate for 52 issues of my how-to newsletter Casefile Clues will go up on 23 September to $23. Since we’ve gotten back on distribution, we’ve had to reevaluate our pricing structure. Learn more about Casefile Clues on our blog. We’re still a great bargain for clear, organized, practical and down-to-earth research advice. Process your subscription here.

Michael’s Blogs

I maintain the following genealogy blogs:—Michael’s thoughts, research problems, suggestions, and whatever else crosses his desk. Daily posts are free. Casefile Clues Blog–this is the blog with updates on my how-to newsletter, articles and people I’m working on, a few genealogy methodology comments, etc. The blog is free to subscribe to. The PDF newsletter […]