There’s still much gnashing of teeth over‘s decision to end sales of FamilyTreeMaker at the end of […] has Meyers Geographical and Commercial Gazetteer of the German Empireavailable online as color scans of an original […]
At long last we’ve released my “Preserving Past You” presentation. It is an overview of prepping […]
I host several blogs–all have separate email lists and need to be subscribe to separately. Each […]
This is a somewhat personal post, so if you’re looking for our typical content, consider skipping […]
Allowing users to make corrections to index entries at is a nice feature, but it’s frustrating that […]
This is more of a pet peeve than anything else. If you’re looking for serious genealogical content, […]
It’s more important than ever before to think about how to make “your stuff survive you.” […]
I’ll start with a comment that I posted to my personal Facebook wall in response to the […]
This has been published before, but I’m reposting as it is just as timely as ever. […]
Another website puts up free images of books that have been on GoogleBooks, Hathitrust,, and […]
There’s a reason why this blog has no sponsor: I don’t want to be “holden” to […]
The FBI Case Files on are not just about “un-American” activity during World War I. […]
Sometimes it seems like this image represents the best list of answers to the question “does […]
The devil may not be in the Social Security Death Index, but he certainly is in […]
Genealogists know to look for birth announcements in newspapers–if the time period is right. It’s unusual […]
There is still room in my December 2015 session of “US Land Records.” More details are […]
I can never tell just how updates anything, but the “South Dakota, Birth Index, 1856-1915” […]
Hasty research can easily lead to incorrect conclusions, causing the researcher to think they are the […]
Those who have made genealogy research trips to distant libraries may recognize themselves in this list. […]
It’s not a reference to an aging male opera singer. There’s a little more to old […]
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