[from our old blog site on 14 May 2013]   Many genealogists claim to be descended […]
To allow me to focus on writing and research, I’m taking a hiatus from webinar and […]
[this is an update of a post from 2013] A search of various databases at FamilySearch, […]
Solutions manuals to math text books have the answers and sometimes the correct work to get […]
We’re excited to finally announce the release of the recorded versions of my two latest webinars: […]
“Skillet” does not appear in the index for Evidence Explained and yet, like any genealogical item that provides […]
The 1880-era homestead claim for Cornelia Albers in Dawson County, Nebraska discussed in “An Affidavit Shows […]
A clue to ancestral associates can be buried in virtually any document in any time period. […]
A work colleague brought this World War I item that belonged to her grandfather when he […]
It’s all about focus. I simply can’t have someone try and locate everything and trace the […]
A contemporary record can be worth countless others that are not. John Ehmen’s application for a […]
 Registrations can be processed here (and are being proessed as long as these links are active).Those who […]
By popular demand, we’re bringing this course back…. (we’ve pushed the start date a week back due […]
This picture of my Grandmother was used as an illustration in Genealogy Tip of the Day. As […]
Everyone’s educational path to becoming a professional genealogist is somewhat different. Here’s mine. I’m pretty much […]
I obtained the compiled military service record of Civil War veteran Leander Butler in hopes of […]
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