Month: June 2015

Henry Goldenstein: A 1921 Kansas City Death–Part I

A sudden death is difficult. It’s especially difficult when the person is relatively young and far from home. It’s even worse when the death is an apparently violent one and the family several hundreds of miles away is notified by telegram. Henry Goldenstein died in Kansas City, Missouri in 1921. The mechanic from Golden, Illinois […]


What’s That Name on an 1868 Marriage Record?

I”ve actually had this 1868 marriage record for sometime. It is an easy one on which to make an incorrect interpretation. The bride-t0-be is Francis, daughter of Conrad and Barabara Haase and in this 1868 letter they are giving John M. Trautvetter permission to marry her. It is the word written after Francis that is […]

Partners in Crime?

Partners in crime may have had more than just a criminal connection. There may have been a family connection as well. Criminal associates are still associates that should be a part of your research process. What the precise connection there is between the Gideon Rucker and Shem Cooke referenced in the 1773 notice regarding counterfeiters I can’t […]

Is An 1867 Michael in St. Louis the Dying 1869 Michael?

Unusual names are good and bad. They are good because they stand out like a sore thumb among a sea of Joneses and Browns. They are bad because one always assumes they are a relative in some way shape or form and not being able to “fit” the reference into known information can be frustrating. […]

Sending Double Probate Notices in 1903

Nicknames and diminutives can frustrate genealogists. Adolphena Katherine Trautvetter is one of those individuals. As we’ve seen in earlier postings, she went by Kate early in her life and Pheeny later in her life. Apparently the executor of her grandmother’s estate in 1903 thought she had an additional nickname-Addie. The other Trautvetters listed in the […]