Month: October 2017

Bernalillo County Marriages on–What Time Span Really Is Included? recently announced an updated version of “Bernalillo County, New Mexico, Marriage Index, 1888-2017.” The first thing I thought as I saw the title was on what date in 2017 does the database stop? After all, 2017 is not over as this post is being written. The database cannot contain all 2017 marriages.  How recent […]


My Blogs and Subscribing

I maintain the following genealogy blogs:—Michael’s thoughts, research problems, suggestions, and whatever else crosses his desk Genealogy Tip of the Day—one genealogy research tip every day–short and to the point Genealogy Search Tip—websites I’ve discovered and the occasional online research tip–short and to the point? Subscription/Unsubscription links are on the top of each page. […]

How Near Were Those “Near Neighbors?”

Documents can provide researchers with direct statements and indirect statements. Direct statements state something clearly. Indirect statements are different. They require some inference and “reading into” the document to see information that’s not so obvious. That’s how it is with certain documents that suggest two individuals were “neighbors.” Tax and census records are organized geographically […]

Looking at Adjacent Records for Your Ancestor’s Paper Neighbors

When you find a census record, naturalization record, church record, land record, or any record for your ancestor, it’s good to look at records/entries before and after the one you really want. There are several reasons: census records–list neighbors–unless they are alphabetical tax records–list neighbors–unless they are alphabetical church records–compare the one you want to […]

Ordering Without PayPal

I use PayPal to process orders because it’s inexpensive for me which helps me keep costs down. I do not require PayPal to order–credit cards can be used. This page explains how to use a credit card to securely order something. Our order pages are: Upcoming GedMatch Webinar Recorded AncestryDNA webinars Other recorded webinars

The Whys That Are Not There

The records our ancestors left behind only tell us a part of the story. One has to be careful reading more into documents than is actually there. Johann George Trautvetter and his wife Sophia Elisabeth (Derle) Trautvetter immigrated from Wohlmuthausen, Thuringen, Germany, in June of 1853 with their three sons and one daughter. They arrived […]

Google That DNA Username

Individuals who set up internet accounts often use the same username on multiple sites. If a DNA test submitter has no tree and does not respond to messages and you can’t figure out who they are, try a Google search on their username. That’s helped find quite a few people who had profiles or accounts […]

More Pooling DNA Matches

Analyzing DNA matches is part science and part art. It also takes some practice. While working with the results of a new DNA test, I’m “grossly” sorting the matches into three categories based upon the known heritage of the testee with a Chicago-born mother and a Missouri-born father. The Chicago-born mother had a father of […]