AncestryDNA “New” Matches for My Year Old Test

AncestryDNA is showing matches as “new” that have been on my list of matches since I first got my test results over a year ago.

I’m positive they were there as two of the most closely related “new” matches are first cousins of my mother–people I communicated with the day I got my results because I wanted to confirm who they were.

Very frustrating to try and use the option to display my “new” matches when they are not new at all.


2 thoughts on “AncestryDNA “New” Matches for My Year Old Test

  1. It was probably AncestryDNA Helper that reset them as new as it did its scan It did that to my matches when I tried it out.

  2. LYNN Barnes says:

    I have had that happen also. It appears that the match updated their online tree to trigger the “new” status.

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