Month: February 2017

More About Soundex and Indexing than You Ever Wanted to Know

These rules for manually creating soundex codes for numbers and how to index names and titles were taken from the images 6 through 19 on FamilySearch‘s “Michigan, Eastern District, Naturalization Index, 1907-1995” (created from the NARA microfilm publication M1917). Images made from digital image of microfilm roll 1 from the M1917 NARA publication. Interesting reading for […]


One Half of the Family is Named John on the Manifest in 1870

Several members of a Huls family landed in New York in November of 1870 on board the Donau–three adults and three children. Typical for the time period, no relationships are given. And typical for records when relationships are not given, none should be inferred without additional research. Speculation about relationships are necessary to formulate additional research […]

Webinar “Using Indexes at FamilySearch” Released

Using Indexes at FamilySearch Making the best use of indexed materials at FamilySearch requires a knowledge and understanding of how the indexes at FamilySearch work and how they do not. After providing an overview of search strategies to use at FamilySearch we will look at several examples where locating the person of interest was more involved than simply […]

The Chicago Tribune Accuses Cousin William Trautvetter of Having Hallucinations

There are lessons here about taking things out of context, not realizing when someone is being sarcastic, jumping to conclusions, and failing to get the entire story. It’s also easy to fall for the conclusion that is the most dramatic. A March 1932 editorial in the Chicago Tribune references a bombing at a drug store owned […]